Flamingos at the Zoo

I thought I would share this precious little moment with everyone. My daughter and I took Bobby, my grandson, to the zoo this past weekend (he will be two this month). He loved it. Every animal he saw that he knew the sound for, he would make it. He saw a pig - he would snort. He saw a bird - he would tweet. And so on. But the cutest was when he saw the flamingos. He loves flamingos. Mommy has a tattoo of one. He has an alphabet magnet set and flamingo appears to be his favorite. He takes the magnet and holds it up to mommy's tattoo and says "mingo". Anyway, back to my zoo story. He made the cutest little "ooooooo" sound. I wish I could emulate it properly. I took a picture, but apparently I am not smart enough to turn on my video and capture it. One day I will capture him and his "mingos" in a painting.

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