My Voice

My main subject is women. I have a passion to paint them as they are strong, confident, powerful and so much more. I tend to paint what I see. Some of my paintings appear to me as though heavenly sent. A message that needs conveyed on the canvas.

I work in mixed media - which can included acrylic paint, spray paint, collage, inks, and more. This gives me a freedom to play and experiment and in the process develop original techniques. I then refine and finish in oils. I see myself painting and creating for the rest of my days and hope that my art brings as much joy to my collectors as it does to me.


Raelyn has always loved drawing and painting, and watching others draw and paint. From early childhood she loved art and the way it made her think and feel. She received a Certificate of Artistic Achievement from the Luxemburg Museum of Art in 2021 for a painting she submitted at the beginning of her art journey. In 2022 Raelyn enrolled in the one year Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute. She completed that program in 2023 with a graduate certificate. Raelyn is currently an Artistic Member of the Morris Graves Art Museum 15 miles south of her home town. Raelyn is featured in online art platforms such as Fine Art America and Artist Archive. She will be featured in the February edition, with a 1/2 page spread, in Artist Close Magazine. She is also featured in the 2023 Winter Showcase on Artsy Shark's website. She was invited to attend the London Contemporary 9th Edition Exhibition this year. For her the invite alone is an honor.

Raelyn grew up in the small town of Arcata in Humboldt County, California. She currently lives five miles north of there in McKinleyville. Humboldt County is one of the most beautiful places full of redwood trees, lakes, rivers, and boarders the Pacific Ocean. So much natural and beautiful inspiration to draw from. Raelyn's greatest dream is to open her own small gallery in her home town to display her work with a studio, overlooking the ocean, set up to teach the process of what she does to inspire artistic growth in the world.

Artist Statement

I love being behind the paint brush. Transforming the white canvas into a beautiful and wondrous painting. A painting that transforms the imagination. Inspires and uplifts the spirit and maybe even change lives; as realizing this dream of painting for the world has changed mine.

Escaping into the right brain allows a sense of spiritual connection that is free to create anything it can imagine. Bringing the otherwise impossible to life. I enjoy painting in abstract freedom - allowing me to play with color, texture, design, and the elements of art. This freedom holds a rush of excitement when something I’ve planned comes together or even that happy accident that I did not plan – and then tightening to realism. A lot of thought, emotion, vulnerability, and passion goes into my art. Most of my pieces are accompanied by a quote that came from my heart while painting.