About My Paintings

I just wanted to throw a little explanation out there about my paintings.

Oil paintings are my original ideas and they may be only painted once. The under painting of these pieces is created in all different mediums (which differ on each painting). This helps to create depth. The final layer is finished in oil. Once the first one sells I may not repaint another original exactly the same (I do, however sell prints and merchandise of these originals). They are normally painted on 1.5 gallery wrapped canvas and are $2.50 per square inch. These paintings can take me anywhere from 5 to 10 or more hours to complete. 

Acrylics - Gallery Two

Acrylics are practices to perfect my oil paintings. They may or may not be my own original idea. If I find a painting I like, I come up with my own spin on it. I love old fashioned things with flowers as well dancing figures (and of course my ladies). I offer these paintings for sale at an afforfable price, and may re-create them as needed. They are painted on .5 wrapped studio grade canvas and take me approximately an hour to complete. I do not charge these by the square inch; they come in two sizes and are $100 for16x20 and $50 for 12x12.

Watercolors - Gallery Three

Watercolors are studies for my oil paintings. Color studies. Brush stroke studies, etc. Besides oils I think watercolor is one of my favorite mediums. You might find a lot of mermaids and animals (and my ladies) in this gallery as I love the way watercolors make them look. They are painted on watercolor paper and can vary in size. The cost for these paintings are $.25 to $1.00 per square inch and take approximately one to three hours to complete. Paintings in this gallery may also be duplicated.

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